Katty McMurray

A charming new collection including London market scenes and still lives from this popular artist.
Since leaving the Chelsea School of Art in 1991, Katty has been painting under the arches from her seafront studio in Brighton. After years of sketching faraway places, Katty is now focussing on her immediate environment with a new body of work. The coastal towns, the clean lines and the gentle palate are still present. However, she has begun to incorporate everyday objects such as a cup, a pot, a vase of flowers. Katty has exhibited widely and also opened ‘Two Kats and a Cow’ gallery on Brighton beach. “I began drawing as a child and I have never stopped. I draw what I see and I paint what I draw – this has always been my way,” she says. “This love has taken me all over the world, but this new collection of paintings is focussing on things close to home. It has been an absolute pleasure to paint them.”