Victoria Graimes

victoria graimes

Contemporary artist specialising in abstract landscapes Transcend 2 110cm x110cm | £3000 resonance oil on canvas | 115cm x 115cm | £3250 reflection oil on canvas | 130cm x 130cm illuminate oil on canvas | 130cm x 130cm blue black oil on canvas | 130cm x 130cm black grey umber oil on canvas | 115cm […]

Robina Yasmin

robina yasmin work

A local painter who is well known for her uplifting, figurative paintings of animals, swimmers and related subjects Ebony 70cm x 70cm Miro 70cm x 70cm | sold On Reflection 90x90cm | Oil on Canvas  | £3400 Evening Haze 90x90cm | Oil on Canvas | £3400 Burning Desire 90x90cm | Oil on Canvas  | £3400 […]

Richard Levine

richard levine art

Contemporary, vibrant and dynamic art from this graphic artist RL Bulldog 80cm x 80cm | £495 thomas more £400 unframed | 800 x 800mm | £800 framed in an invisible float white box frame | 915 x 915mm Rhina Rainbow 80cm x 80cm | £495 puggy style 80cm x 80cm | edition of 50 | […]

Rachel Deacon

Golden Herons

Distinctive, figurative paintings by a local artist Golden Herons oil on linen – unframed -36″ x 20″ £4250 The Knowledge Of Light oil on gesso panel – unframed 24″ x 20″ £2250 The Masquerade oil on gesso panel – unframed 24″ x 20″ £2250 The Guardians Oil on linen | 61cm x 51cm framed The […]

Katty McMurray

katty mcmurray art

A charming new collection including London market scenes and still lives from this popular artist. St Ives from Porthminster Bay 120cm x 80cm | £3200 cuckmere haven Oil on linen | 90cm x 90cm Borough Market Oil on linen | 90cm x 90cm Cuckmere reds oil on linen | 90 cm x90cm A Simple Lunch […]

Hannah Gilson

hannah gilson art

Yes She Can Still Standing Wonder Image Interior Jungle Image Dancing Queen Booom Hannah Gilson is a London based illustrator and educator whose mixed media practice combines painting, screen printing and drawing. Evolving from a predominately fine arts background, her work has naturally settled with hand drawn and digital illustration, where she engages with popular […]

Alice Cescatti

alice cescatti artwork

Alice Cescatti grew up in New Zealand. From an early age she became fascinated with wide open spaces, dramatic landscapes and the light of the South Pacific – in particular the way it plays and interacts with its landscape conveying an impressive stillness. Alice is particularly interested in sea and cloud formations and weather patterns. […]

Agalis Manessi

agalis manessi artwork

Martha’s Dog Height 30×18 cms | £560 Mantegna’s Hounds Watercolour on paper | 30×40 cms | £200 Hound Looking Up Height 36 x 25 x16 cms | £650 Pisanello’s hound resting Length 32 x15 h x10 cms | £520 Diana’s Hound 22 x12 cms | £480 Deer like hound Watercolour on paper | 30×40 cms […]

Abigail Lipski

abigail lipski artwork

Baby Lemonade Oil on circular ply | 30 x 30 cm | SOLD Cactus Hopping Oil on plywood | 22 x 17 cm | £450 Cake Baby Oil on canvas | 15 x 10 cm | SOLD Cuckoo Oil on circular | ply 30 x 30 cm | SOLD Joy Rider 40x30cm | SOLD Moonshine […]

Grace Wilmshurst

dog 1

Contemporary Painter dog 1 Oil on wood 33 x 40 cm – sold dog 2 dog 2 As a painter, Grace’s work explores the interplay of power, presence and other worldliness, found in natural form. The bold intention of a horse’s frame, embraced in sun set tones struck through with storm. The swimmer ready to […]